Support the sale of local beer, wine and coolers in Ontario convenience stores now

We’re on your corner are you in ours?

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When convenience stores sell Ontario beer, wine and coolers, it helps smaller Ontario producers grow. And that benefits our entire community.




Supporting Made-in-Ontario Products:

Ontario’s convenience stores want to help local producers by selling Made-in-Ontario beer, wine and coolers throughout 2022. New retail opportunities will help local producers grow.

Breaking Down Barriers:

With 8,500 locations, the province’s convenience channel can break down barriers to entry and provide new retail opportunities for Ontario’s brewers and vintners to help our local communities recover from the pandemic.


Expanding beverage alcohol sales to convenience stores will help businesses recover from this pandemic, offer more choice to consumers while also fulfilling a promise made by the Ontario PCs to sell beer and wine in corner stores.

Local Businesses need it. Consumers want it. Government promised it.
We're ready.


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